Verizon Flips The Switch On Wi-Fi Calling For The Galaxy S6 And The Galaxy S6 Edge Next Week

Verizon has announced that its Advanced Calling features will now include Wi-Fi calling as well, this will enable users to make and receive calls as well as initiate a video call over Wi-Fi. This feature will initially be available only with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge on Verizon and it will be rolled out as a software update in phases starting next week. The carrier has said that additional Android and iOS devices will receive this feature in the near future.

Any and all Wi-Fi calls made to US phone numbers are free, however calls made to international numbers will be billed to Verizon customers per the prevailing long distance rates. In order to activate Wi-Fi calling on their Samsung handset Verizon subscribers first have to download and install the latest software update when it arrives and then turn on Advanced Calling from the settings menu. Once that’s done they can activate Wi-Fi calling from the menu and start making calls over Wi-Fi.

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