New Video of Angry Birds Movie!

Mobile games million, which locks the phone Angry Birds, has released a new trailer on the movie which will be published next year. Here is the new video!

New Angry Birds Angry Birds, which will be released in our country as film animation adaptation of the film’s new trailer was released.
In this video, it published a month before the New Year’s fledgling in the movie “Deck the Halls” to sing to you.

Clay Kaytis Fergak Reilly and directed by this film, is located so far in many animated films include Jon Vitti. The Angry Birds game is expected to be made more enjoyable compared to films, takes place on an island where all the birds we know from the series.

To promote the film’s Christmas broadcast special film you can watch below. The Angry Birds animated film will be released on May 13, 2016!



They fly like the bird in the movie in the game. If we look at the trailer previously released the pigs, the biggest enemy of the Angry Birds is getting candidates and it’s still targeted bird eggs. We will not fight again with a sling against the swine did not know much about it but we will not give or Angry Birds bird special abilities emerges in the film as well.

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